اتفاقية التسوية الودية بين شركتي الصناعات الكيماوية المصرية (كيما) وشركة تكنومونت الإيطالية

          كشفت لنا مصادر مطلعة أهم ملامح اتفاقية التسوية الودية بين شركتي الصناعات الكيماوية المصرية (كيما) وشركة تكنومونت الإيطالية بشأن الخلاف على مشروع "كيما 2" الذي تنفذه الأخيرة لإنتاج الأمونيا. واليوريا باستخدام الغاز الطبيعي باستثمارات تقدر بـ 12 وأكدت "كيما" ، في إفصاح للبورصة أمس الأحد ، أنها لم تحصل بعد على الموافقات الرسمية بشأن اتفاقية التسوية الودية مع شركة تكنومونت. امتد الخلاف بين الطرفين إلى أكثر من عامين عندما طالبت الشركة الإيطالية بتعويضات عن أضرارها من تحرير سعر الصرف في عام 2016 ، مما رفع التكلفة التشغيلية لمشروع "كيما 2". دفع ثمن التأخير في تنفيذ بنود بعض العقود ، الأمر الذي أدى إلى استئناف لجنة تسوية منازعات الاستثمار بمجلس الوزراء ، والتي وافقت مؤخرًا على اتفاقية التسوية. للحصول على تعويض عن الأضرار التي لحقت بها من تحرير سعر الصرف ، بالإضافة إلى تنازل شركة "كيما" عن أي مطالبات لتأخير العمل في مشروع "كيما 2" الذي بدأ تشغيله و وأوضحت المصادر أن الشركة الإيطالية طلبت نحو 76 مليون دولار مقابل تكلفة التشغيل المرتفعة

for who care reveals the features of the friendly settlement agreement between “Kima” and the Italian “Technomont”.

      Informed sources revealed to us the most important features of the friendly settlement agreement between the two Egyptian chemical industries (Kima) and the Italian Technomont regarding the dispute over the “Kima 2” project implemented by the latter for the production of ammonia and urea using natural gas, with investments estimated at 12 “Kima” confirmed, in a disclosure to the stock exchange yesterday, Sunday, that it has not yet obtained official approvals regarding the amicable settlement agreement with Technomont Company. The dispute between the two parties extended to more than two years when the Italian company demanded compensation for its damages from the liberalization of the exchange rate in 2016, which raised the operational cost of the “Kima 2” project. Payment for the delay in implementing the terms of some of the contracts, which led to the appeal of the Investment Dispute Settlement Committee in the Council of Ministers, which recently approved the s

ASL - Where to Find Information about the Best Careers?

  Where to Find Information about the Best Careers? Obtaining career-related information from friends and family may be pretty beneficial. Even while they might not always be able to provide the necessary information, they might know other professionals and be able to connect the job seeker with them. Similarly, the U.S. Department of Labor's  Bureau of Labor Statistics  provides essential data on employment and pay by occupation, including career information, employment levels, forecasts, and several forms of earnings statistics.

ASL - What Is the Market?

  What Is the Market?  Americans who want to succeed in the job market should have at least a bachelor's degree. However, as a result, it is becoming more important, and college has also been getting more expensive. And herein lies the importance of student loans. The foundation of personal financial well-being is the ability to earn a living and set aside a regular percentage of that income for future needs, goals, and aspirations. Therefore, a career planning process that helps students choose and secure the most excellent occupations is the best method to guarantee long-term financial well-being and personal satisfaction.

ASL - Will You Have A Good Job Allowing You To Pay Back Your Loan?

  Will You Have A Good Job Allowing You To Pay Back Your Loan? Sometimes it takes a long time to find a job that pays you enough to start repaying your student loan debt after you graduate, which might delay the process of paying back your loans. There are options available because of this. After you graduate, you have six months of grace period before you are ever required to make a single loan payment. If necessary, you can extend this time frame for your student loan debt by up to an additional two years. Even though you won't have to make any payments and they won't affect your credit, note that the loans will accrue interest. This is a good option if you want to return to school or don't have a high-paying career yet. Additionally, you can combine your student loan debt into one more considerable debt with a single payment.

ASL - Where to Start?

  Where to Start?   How to Choose Your Scholarship Wisely? Your financial situation must be stable before you enroll in college so that you may live comfortably during your time there. Scholarships and grants for college are free. With the advancement of the internet every day, there are more and more websites offering free college grants and scholarships in Alaska. There is a brief application form that you must fill out while visiting the website. There will be no other method for the website to reach you than through your application form, so make sure you fill out the form with relevant and accurate information.

ATL - What Average Time to Get Out Of Debt and Average Length of Student Loan

  What Average Time to Get Out Of Debt and Average Length of Student Loan The term and repayment arrangement of your Loan determine its average length. Therefore, before you borrow, it's crucial to understand how the conditions of the Loan will affect repayment. Despite their similarities, student loans might differ significantly from one another. Each Loan you take out may have a different interest rate and payback schedule from year to year. Find out what repayment options are available from your loan servicer.